Exclusive Features

• Thanks to its geographic location, it has the best snow quality. Cerro Castor is located on the south mountain slope, with an average temperature ranging from -5 to 5 degrees.

• Winter lasts from early June to mid October, thus this is the longest season in the Southern Cone.

• Thanks to its characteristics and its snow quality, it is the ski resort with the largest number of international teams training throughout the season. Almost 25 teams train at Cerro Castor every year, most of them World Cup, Mogul, and Regional Club teams.

• This is a family business operated by Gastón Begue (President and Director, Operations), former skier and Argentine champion who represented Argentina in 2 Olympic Games. Availing of both his experience as a skier and his studies related to ski resort integral management in France, he put Cerro Castor on an equal basis to any European winter resort.

• Every aspect of infrastructure is consistent, offering great comfort to visitors.

• It has an Artificial Snow Network (18 Technoalpine snowguns) which fully covers from the Intermedia station to the bottom, ensuring the proper snowmass down to the bottom during the entire season.

• It has new cutting-edge machinery to conduct the relevant pre- and post-season maintenance tasks, which are in charge of the expert staff from Cerro Castor.