General Services


FOTiar is the company in charge of taking every portrait at Cerro Castor. It has a store located at the base building, and 2 checking points –one at the new base building, and another one on the ground floor of Terrazas del Castor Restaurant. Mountain photographers are in charge of capturing the best scenes of nature and action.

For any question, please feel free to contact us at

First Aid Service

Cerro Castor ski resort has a medical office and a permanent health care and nursing service appropriately equipped. It is located at the Cerro Castor’s operating center.

We have the following equipment available: ECG; defibrillator: to treat all kinds of arrhythmias; for heart attacks: it includes the material necessary to treat every type of cardio respiratory arrest; splints and Philadelphia collar: minor surgical table for multiple trauma care: in order to treat patients with dirty or clean wounds, perform sutures, remove foreign bodies, etc., general first aid kit: all type of vial medication to treat different possible conditions; UTIM [Mobile Intensive Care Unit]: it is located at the bottom of Cerro Castor, fit to transfer patients to more complex health care center when so required by the condition and duly equipped to carry out said procedure. It also has 2 fixed ambulances all day long.